Fracturing Services

ProPetro Stimulation Services is headquartered in a new 40 acre facility with over 200,000 sq feet of office and warehouse space. This impressive facility is located in the heart of the booming Permian Basin in Midland, TX. ProPetro provides well …

Permian Drilling Services (8,000 – 12,000ft)

Drilling Services include: Vertical drilling Turnkey and Daywork Drilling Equipment: 7 new MD Cowan Super Single Drilling Rigs All rigs equipped with top drive, iron roughneck and tri-plex pumps  Rated to drill from 8,000’ to 12,000 ft ProPetro Drilling Advantages …

Air Drilling Services (surface – 4,000ft)

Surface conductors, deep surface drill and set, shallow well drilling.

Cementing Services

Cementing services, new well casing cementing, squeeze jobs, plugging

Acidizing Services

Stimulation Services include: Pump downs Toe Preps Foamed Acid CO2 Nitrogen Rock Salt jobs Small Frac jobs Bulk Acid Delivery Acid transfers Acidizing Equipment: 10,000 hydraulic horsepower for any type of acid jobs needed in the Permian Basin 30,000 gallon …

Coiled Tubing and Nitrogen Services

Wellbore cleanouts, stimulation and cementing services, and motor and tool applications

Flowback Services

Chokes and manifolds, sand separators and flowback tank rentals


Midland Office

(Corporate Headquarters)

1706 S. Midkiff, Bldg. B

Midland, TX 79701