Who We Are

ProPetro was founded in 2005. In 2010, management strategically focused all efforts on establishing a best-in-class hydraulic fracturing platform targeting the Permian Basin.

We are an oilfield services leader in the Permian Basin providing complementary completions services in Hydraulic Fracturing, Cementing, and Wireline to leading upstream oil and gas producers.

Our History

ProPetro was founded in 2005. In 2010, management strategically focused ProPetro’s efforts on establishing a best-in-class hydraulic fracturing platform targeting the Permian Basin. Our fleets have been designed to handle the highest-intensity, most complex hydraulic fracturing jobs, and are largely standardized across units to facilitate efficient maintenance and repair and reduce equipment downtime.

Through a handful of acquisitions and a robust new build program from 2010 to 2018, ProPetro built a fleet of over 600,000 hydraulic horsepower. Then in 2019, ProPetro acquired the pumping services assets of Pioneer Natural Resources, bringing the total horsepower to nearly 1.5 million hydraulic horsepower.

Customer Focused, Team Driven

ProPetro is known today as one of the most efficient and productive Completions Services companies in the oilfield service industry. With our combination of some of the largest and most demanding public and private E&P operating companies, we have established ourselves as the premium pumping company.

Our operations team works side-by-side with our customers to ensure we meet and exceed their expectations in execution at the wellsite. We have developed a disciplined and proactive support services infrastructure that ensures our equipment and procurement activities drive profitability for our business.

ProPetro is focused on capital discipline to ensure our ability to operate throughout the industry cycles and still invest in our equipment. These conservative financial policies have helped ProPetro maintain resources needed to run our business successfully for the benefit of our stakeholders.

Technology and Innovation

Early on, ProPetro made investments in innovative technologies in business systems and equipment. This investment, combined with a continuous improvement management process, made us able to drive leading profitability and customer solutions. Cloud-based systems and infrastructure in procurement, logistics, maintenance, and back-office processes help maintain an agile organization and efficient cost structure. Additionally, our investments in electric frac technology, alternative power sources, and innovative equipment drive industry-leading profitability and flexibility during industry cycles.

We partner with global leaders in equipment technology, artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotic process automation to bring best-in-class solutions to ProPetro. Our customers benefit through increased productivity and reduced non-productive time during their completions projects. This not only drives our customer satisfaction but also enhances our efficient cost structure.

Equipment Innovation and Lowering Our Emissions

In 2019, ProPetro announced our investment in electric powered frac fleet technology with DuraStim’s innovative pump technology and electric hydraulic systems. By early 2021, we continued our commitment to lower emissions technology by announcing an investment in Tier IV Dynamic Gas Blending (DGB) dual gas equipment and conversions. Then in late 2022, we announced our most recent investment of four new fully electric fleets that would join our portfolio in 2023. These combined actions are examples of our commitment to lowering our emissions and delivering innovative solutions to our customers. We strive to implement the most efficient and innovative technology to drive our Customer Focused Team Driven operating philosophy. 

Uniquely Positioned For Success

Permian Focus

Locally headquartered to easily serve the Midland and Delaware Basins.

Blue Chip Customers

Large drilling inventories and sizeable rig programs

Superior Performance

Consistently outperforming the competition on location

Sustainable Future

Investing in lower emissions equipment to reduce our carbon footprint

Strong Balance Sheet

Conservative debt profile with disciplined capital allocation

Safety Culture

Full year 2020 Total Recordable Incident Rate of 0.49


Leveraging best-in-class cloud-based solutions to drive wellsite performance to pull innovation forward
Proven Success in the Most Challenging Environment: Unrivaled Completions Services
Consistently rated #1 in customer satisfaction in the oilfield services industry by Energypoint Research