Electric Hydraulic Fracturing Fleet

Our Electric FleetS Are Creating Value for Customers

ProPetro’s all-electric fleet is uniquely positioned to bring an unrivaled standard of technology and power to the Permian Basin.



  • Fully autonomous operation (no operator console)
  • Eliminates all operation hydraulics
  • Ambidextrous suction/discharge manifolds
  • High volume mixing chamber
  • Reduced silica exposure by removing blender operator
  • 10 chem add capable to remove CAS unites on location, optional 8k lbs hopper for dry guar/FR/HVFR
  • Power distribution center for electric wireline, sand conveyance, data van, and auxiliary systems
  • Backup local control interface for bucket testing and full operation

Data Van

  • Intelligent Pump Control – Fully integrated E-Frac pump system control
  • AccuFrac Job Center – Complete remote electric backside control (manual and automatic) and data acquisition
  • AccuFrac Power Center – E-Frac Power monitoring and load/demand control system
  • E-Frac grid power and backup generators (pre-job operation)
  • Custom floor plans

Frac Truck

  • Dual 3,000 horsepower independent pump systems for redundancy (2 pump units on 1 trailer), 6,000 horsepower total
  • Single cable power connection
  • Proprietary drive tuning for optimal fracturing operation
  • Wired or wireless Intelligent Electric Pump Control system with full unit integration

Power Distribution Unit

  • Customizable
  • Seamless integration with standardized supply side power distribution
  • Flexible incoming and outgoing connection configuration
  • Remote operation and monitoring available

Full redundancy with dual 3,000 HP independently controlled pump system

Fully autonomous blender operation

At 10,000 PSI


Fleet configuration to operation

Power Distribution Center

For electric wireline, sand conveyance, data van, and auxiliary systems
Power Distribution Unit

75 MW Support

Power Source Agnostic

Truly accessible electric power

Reduced Emissions

When paired with grid power, longer-lived assets meaningfully increase the sustainability of our operations and lower emissions costs for customers.

Greater Flexibility

Our e-fleet provides flexible, tailored completion solutions that are fully aligned with our customers’ goals.

Smaller Footprint

Our e-fleet’s enhanced capabilities deliver greater efficiency across operations compared to conventional fleet, reducing the amount of equipment in rotation.

Lower Fuel Costs

Electric-powered equipment drives best practices across fleets, resulting in lower diesel consumption and operating costs.

Noise Reduction

E-fleet operations are subtle, with no disruption to our surrounding communities.


Newer and younger assets are long-lasting, with the right technology to sustain customer demand.