Positioned in the Prolific Permian Basin to Answer Growing Industry Demands

ProPetro is strategically located and focused in the Permian Basin, one of the world's most attractive regions for oilfield service operations as a result of its size, geology, and customer activity levels. The Permian Basin consists of mature, legacy, onshore oil and liquids-rich natural gas reservoirs that span approximately 86,000 square miles in West Texas and New Mexico and is characterized by multiple prospective geologic benches for horizontal development.

Tapping the Largest U.S. Oil Resource Base

Rystad Energy estimates that, as of November 2016, the Permian Basin contains approximately 58 billion barrels of oil, the largest recoverable crude oil resource base in the United States and the second largest in the world. As a result of its significant size, coupled with the presence of multiple prospective geologic benches and other favorable characteristics, the Permian Basin has become widely recognized as the most attractive and economic oil resource in North America.

The Midland Basin: Our Current Focus

The Permian Basin is divided by the Central Basin Platform, creating the Midland and Delaware sub-basins, which have each contributed to the overall growth in the Permian Basin. The Midland Basin is the more delineated and mature resource-play of the Permian Basin's sub-basins and is the current focus of our operations.

Operational improvements in the basin have driven heightened oil production in recent years as a result of increasing levels of pad drillingand capital efficiency. Initially delineated with thousands of vertical wells, today its resource potential is further enhanced through horizontal drilling and completion efficiencies. Rystad Energy estimates the Midland Basin's recoverable oil resource to be over 27 billion barrels, second in the United States only to the geographically adjacent Delaware Basin.

The Delaware Basin: Expanding Our Presence

Accounting for more than 50% of the Permian Basin's growth in rig activity since May 2016, the Delaware Basin has become a premier, complementary resource base to the Midland Basin. Rystad Energy estimates the recoverable crude oil resource in the Delaware Basin to be slightly greater than the Midland Basin, at approximately 28 billion barrels. E&P operators have actively delineated acreage in the Delaware Basin, having successfully targeted nine distinct zones with horizontal penetration. As the less-developed of the two primary Permian Basin sub-basins, the Delaware Basin represents a high-growth opportunity for E&P companies, many of whom have entered the basin through large-scale acquisitions.

As activity levels increase in the Delaware Basin, we have begun to expand our presence in the region in tandem with increasing activity levels and demand-pull from our core customer base.