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Don’t Mess With The Permian will be unifying and beautifying the community in a fall clean-up initiative. Litterers still roam the roadways, tossing trash out of car windows and letting garbage fly out of truck beds. We’re talking cigarette butts, fast food wrappers, receipts, and more. They might be small, but they are still trash and destroying the community. Waste is something each individual can personally address, and every piece of trash we pick up helps to clean up our community.

ProPetro is proud to host the Don’t Mess With The Permian, a community clean-up program that creates the opportunity for volunteers to have remarkable results – targeting 9 zones around the city. We are prompting individuals to take greater responsibility for their local environment by joining this community service project that engages volunteers, local businesses, and civic leaders. DMWTP was organized to improve our environment by creating cleaner parks, streets, and public spaces through litter removal and elimination.

  • Who: Don’t Mess With The Permian
  • What: First community clean-up program to tidy up streets, parks, and other public spaces.
  • When: November 11-13, 2022
  • Where: Midland, TX
  • Why: Tackle out-of-control waste and work to throw away poor littering habits.

Regarding litter collection, Don’t Mess With The Permian event organizers have been provided with clear guidance to ensure that volunteer health is our priority. Upon check-in, volunteers will receive a t-shirt, supplies, maps, trash bags, and instructions for collected litter. For added safety, there will be a base camp in each zone that will provide water, snacks, first aid, and more for all volunteers.

Anyone can join, so register now to join Don’t Mess With The Permian and take a stand against littering.

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