Environmental Stewardship

The future of the oilfield is a cohesive and more environmentally friendly supply chain producing hydrocarbons in the safest and most efficient manner possible. We want to provide our employees, customers, and stakeholders cleaner completions techniques to be developed through relentless focus on new technologies, efficiency and collaboration with customers, vendors, and our community.

Lean is Green

We get the job done efficiently while seeking to minimize the overall environmental impact of the project by:

  • Minimizing idle time
  • Minimizing spills
  • Avoiding duplicative work

We aim to reduce the overall environmental impact of completing a well by focusing on flawless execution and superior service quality.

We believe that a lower emissions profile is not only valuable, it is a crucial component in developing the innovation necessary to continue to drive down our customers’ well costs.

Diesel Displacement

We provide a consistent, sustainable service solution that will reduce diesel use and utilize lower emissions power sources for our operations over time, for the benefit of our workforce and community. With recent investments in Tier IV Dynamic Gas Blending (DGB) equipment, we’ve taken action to reduce the carbon footprint in the Permian Basin. Integrating cleaner burning Natural Gas is an important steppingstone to optimize our fuel consumption on location and we are committed to transitioning our fleet by:

  • Phasing out Tier II equipment and decommissioning to ensure it never returns to service
  • Converting existing Tier II equipment to Tier IV DGB
  • Investing in New-build Tier IV DGB equipment

Efficiently Energizing the Oilfield

We’re focused on the next generation of technology by making strategic investments in DuraStim® to bring unconventional pumping innovations and electric-powered fleet advancements to the field. As we embark on this journey towards a sustainable service supply chain, we are actively exploring new solutions to reduce our carbon footprint. With Tier IV DGB equipment as an intermediate solution to utilize available clean burning natural gas to power our pumping equipment, our next goal is to use electricity to power our innovative DuraStim® pumps.  At ProPetro, we strive to push the limits of sustainable completions technology.